The story of the window and lonely toy from Poland Painting

Category: Vanished World

Painting: The story of the window and lonely toy from Poland
Media: Oil on wood
Vintage window from Poland: Pre 1940
Size: 17″x24″
Year: 2017

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Before my visit to Auschwitz in September of 2017, I have stopped overnight in very old rural house where today lives young family of Poles; and that’s the story they have told me…

Earlier this house belonged to Jews. There lived the family with three children. When the war has begun, this family was one of the first which was kicked out of their house, and then later perished at Auschwitz. The little Jewish girl left two toys in this house in hopes of the return. Unfortunately no one from this family survived and did not return. I’ve seen these toys in that house when I arrived there, as well as the old window from this house which was given to me by the owners knowing that it was very important to me and it would be the part of the new painting.